Everybody has a dream, well this is ours…

Everybodies Journey was created by local Physiotherapist, Liz Kippen and ex Australian Rugby Union and Australian Rugby League player AJ Campbell who saw the need for a health centre that offered guidance in regards to injuries as well as a pathway to develop whole body strength, conditioning and effective biomechanics. It is a friendly and fresh space in Nhulunbuy open to the community.

About Us

Everybodies Journey is a locally owned and ran Physiotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation health centre. We focus on ensuring that our assessment and treatment techniques are up to date and provide our clients with best practice and efficient results.

At Everybodies Journey we provide Physiotherapy assessments and treatments for:

Musculoskeletal pain (any joint or muscle concern)
Sporting injuries
Ergonomic discomfort
Paediatric assessments / treatments
Pelvic Floor concerns

In addition, we provide exercise rehabilitation:

Following an injury (both acute and chronic)
To help improve general fitness
To assist with weight loss
Our additional services include:
Soft and Deep Tissue Massage
Dry Needling
Traditional Chinese Cupping
Chest physiotherapy for those with acute and chronic chest infections

We provide these services for private patients, referrals are not required, third party insurance, workers compensation, Medicare and DVA patients.

For more information, contact 0497 00 33 81 or email admin@everybodiesjourney and our friendly staff will be happy to answer your enquiries.

At Everybodies Journey we are passionate about health and wellbeing. We understand that every body is different and therefore needs to be treated individually. We offer a range of services including Physiotherapy, Massage, Pilates, Personal Training and Pre-Employment Medicals.

We are passionate about helping each person on their individual journey to health and wellbeing.
We provide services for private, third party insurance, workers compensation, and Medicare or DVA patients.
Additionally, weekly Pilates classes are available on a regular basis with no lock in contracts.

Skype consultations are available. Living in a remote community can make accessing health services very difficult.
At Everybodies Journey we want to ensure everyone has the ability to access Physiotherapy services. If you suffer from low back pain or want to rehabilitate that old ankle injury before the AFL season starts or are just after a Pilates or home-based exercise program send us an email today to make an appointment.
Our experienced Physiotherapist would be more than happy to help you on the road to recovery today.

EbJ Team

Liz Campbell
(formally Kippen)

Physiotherapist & Director

Nat Davidson


Nikki Hammond


Liz Campbell is our principle Physiotherapist and is additionally one of the directors of Everybodies Journey. Liz studied her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland and moved straight into Private Practice working for extremely well regarded practices in Brisbane. In addition, Liz initiated Physiotherapy programs and sports coverage for multiple male and female premier league soccer teams across Brisbane. She has a keen interest in sporting injuries and their consequent rehabilitation.

Liz has lived in Nhulunbuy for the past 4 years and has made it her home. She thoroughly enjoys the outdoors lifestyle and feels privileged to experience and be part of the Yolngu culture on a daily basis. It is Liz’s vision to create a local and sustainable health hub for the entire community to be a part of.

Nat Davidson Natalie moved to Nhulunbuy in July 2019 with her two dogs from Cairns for a new adventure. She graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University in Canada and worked in her home province for two years before moving to Australia in 2008. Since then, she has had a fulfilling career by working in various cities and towns around Australia - from Adelaide to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast to Cairns and Cape York. Her main work experience has been in community and Aged Care but has also spent time in private practice and in the hospital setting - with a key focus in ICU and rehabilitation. Postgraduate courses have focused largely on woman’s health and she has been accepted into the Master of Science in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the University of Liverpool.

Nikki Hammond moved to Nhulunbuy in April of 2019 with her husband and two young children in search of a life with more time spent outdoors and new experiences. She studied her Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Canberra and has worked as a practicing physiotherapist for the last 10 years in Canberra, Adelaide and now in East Arnhem Land. Her main experience and passion lies in paediatric physiotherapy and she has extensive experience working with children of all ages with varying delays, diagnoses and disabilities. She also has experience working with the NDIS and is currently working hard at strengthening this pathway within our business for new and current NDIS participants. She has received multiple ACT Government Initiative Awards as she enjoys exploring new and better ways to service her patients.


Everybodies Journey focuses on well researched assessment and treatment techniques. We ensure that our therapists are up to date with modern research and professional development to guarantee that our treatment is the most effective it can be. We understand that no two bodies are the same and therefore assessment and treatment is different for every patient. At Everybodies Journey, we value empowering the patient with knowledge and home exercises to ensure they have a full understanding if their own body and how to look after it.

A few examples of what we commonly treat include:
Neck and low back pain – both acute (immediate onset) and chronic (pain > 3 months old)
Sporting injuries – ie: a rolled ankle, knee cap pain, shoulder pain in tennis or AFL players
Paediatric developmental delays – ie: a child not meeting their milestones
Paediatric postural abnormalities – i.e. flattening on the back of a baby’s head
Overuse injuries – ie: tendon (achillies) pain in runners, elbow pain in desk workers and those on the tools
Exercise rehabilitation following having a baby, or to improve core strength in general to prevent a reoccurrence of low back and mid back pain

If you have any further enquiries, please so not hesitate to contact 0497 00 33 81 or admin@everybodiesjourney.com and one of our friendly staff will answer your questions in a timely manner.

EbJ Team.


Starting back in February 2018, Everybodies Journey will be offering multiple Pilate classes throughout the week, instructed by one of our trained Physiotherapists.

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to improve the strength and conditioning of core and glute muscles. It assists to improve your body’s awareness of where it is in space, decreasing the risk of injury, as well lowering the frequency of back and neck pain. In addition, it is a fantastic way to improve your overall posture.

More information including class timetables will be released in the New Year so stay tuned!

If you have any further enquiries, please so not hesitate to contact 0497 00 33 81 or admin@everybodiesjourney.com and one of our friendly staff will answer your questions in a timely manner.

Individual Pilates

Pilates Classes

Casual Classes


Initial Consult - $120.00
Standard Consult - $85.00
Concession Initial Consult – $98.00
Concession Standard Consult - $65.00
60 Minute Massage - $120.00
30 Minute Massage - $70.00
One on One Pilates Consult (30 minutes) - $75.00

All consults are able to be claimed through Private Health Insurance onsite
Same day payment is expected

Additional Services

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.

Traditional Chinese Cupping

Cupping is a method of creating a vacuum on the skin thereby improving flow to treat back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy is the treatment performed, whereby breathing is improved of a patient.


At Everybodies Journey, we offer a wide range of Massage services such as Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Sports Massage Fluid Retention Massage.


Hydrotherapy is used to reduce muscle tension and pain, improve cardiovascular function, and assist in recovery . The buoyancy of the water causes physiological changes and the low impact training reduces joint stress and muscle fatigue.

Dry Needling

Acupuncture needle therapy for muscle pain.


Traditional Chinese Cupping.

Chest Physiotherapy

Improved breathing.


At EBJ we offer NDIS delivery of service both locally and remotely. We aim to assist participants to meet their goals and work collaboratively with all services involved in the person’s care including OT’s, Speech Pathologists and health care workers. Locally, we are able to offer 1:1 sessions at the gym or your place of choice such as home or school. Sessions are guided by your needs and a program developed accordingly. Remotely, we visit a number of communities on a regular basis to offer 1:1 NDIS support and develop individual and group programs. Both locally and remotely, our NDIS services support a participants functional and physical needs with the long-term aim of promoting function, independence and general health and wellbeing.

Latest Blog

Pain in the torso. Heavy breathing. Muscular pain and spasms.
September 7, 2020 | Charl Neuhoff

Pain in the torso. Heavy breathing. Muscular pain and spasms. That pain in the chest now feels like a huge heavy crushing feeling. Or maybe it’s more a sharp pain? Now you are struggling to walk. You’re stuck halfway up the stairs!

Dr Google says it is a myocardial infarction. It has to be. 10 minutes to live. Maybe. You are not exactly sure what that means but some guy on reddit says it’s just medical jargon for ‘heart attack’ – not to worry though - he reckons your symptoms sound more like Halicephalobus gingivalis contracted from a wild Peruvian rhesus macaque. That old bloke from Big Fat Greek Wedding says you can just fix it with Windex but I saw a chap on YouTube that says a kale smoothy will set you straight.

It is amazing what information you can reel in with during 5 minutes of frantic google-research, in between the kids screaming and your sister tagging you in cat vids on the Facebook vortex. Or your boss wanting you to finish the concreting by 2pm yesterday and on top gives you a ‘hard NO’ to putting your sweet Country Tunes on Spotify. How can you google under these conditions?

The symptoms above could be:
A) What I feel during the Rugby World Cup final with my beloved Springboks playing. Yes, both scenarios are life-and-death.
C) A type of muscular spasm that impacts the ribs joints in your back. Quite debilitating but nothing a physio cannot treat in 30 min flat.
D) Some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from the first workout you have done post-COVID. A hot-cold shower, light cardio, an icepack, a Barbara Streisand CD, and a protein shake will have you right as rain. Maybe some kale as well?

The point is, to become a physio we go through years of learning about how the body moves; years of learning how to read scientific articles; years of how to analyze a scientific article to figure out whether it’s good quality; years of how to apply the knowledge of the good articles into helping you walk the path back to healthy movement.

So, we have already done the googling for you. We enjoyed it! And we’ve already likely seen dozens - if not hundreds - if not thousands - of patients just like you before. We are the movement specialists after all.

Then you don’t need to stress about spending weeks trying one remedy and another and then another with only marginal (or no!) results to show. And the best part is that you do NOT need a referral to see us!

A physio can streamline your journey back to healthy – whether it’s running that half-marathon, lifting that PB bench, watching McDreamy on the couch painfree, fishing barra with a smile on your face or the more fearsome task of wrangling the kids in the morning before the paid work starts.


Returning to exercise after vaginal birth
August 12, 2020 | Liz Campbell

Returning back to sport and exercise too soon after giving birth can weaken the pelvic floor and put you at risk of incontinence and prolapse.

General guidelines are:
* 0-3 weeks post-birth: walking, pelvic floor exercises, abdominal muscle bracing
3-8 weeks post-birth: walking, low impact aerobics, light weights or post-natal class (it’s recommended to wait until after the six week review to participate in group activities, swimming or returning to the gym)
8-12 weeks post-birth: gradually increase intensity and weights
12-16 weeks post-birth: it’s recommended that you visit a physiotherapist for a post-natal check to ensure your pelvic floor is strong enough before returning to high impact exercise, running or sports

Returning to exercise after a caesarean birth

It will take at least 6 weeks to heal after the caesarean operation. While you can start pelvic floor exercises, it’s advised to wait until 6-8 weeks post-birth to start walking, low impact aerobics or cycling. Swimming should be avoided until your six week review. Contact your physiotherapist for a review if you want to return to sport or are still having concerns with urine leakage after three months after the birth.

EbJ Team.

Kids Gross Motor Group
November 27, 2019 | Liz Campbell

These last few weeks have seen our very first gross motor group for 2.5-3.5 year olds take place. We wanted to include this group to introduce children to physical activity in a fun, therapeutic and safe way.

The primary goal of the group was to educate parents on the different skills their young children are naturally trying to develop and upskill them on creative ways to help them learn, develop and thrive. Each week had a different focus including balance, coordination, strength, sensory and cross body movements.

The activities were designed to incorporate movement and gross motor development while also focusing on other skills such as turn taking, listening and following instructions.

From week 1 to week 8, we have seen so much growth in each of the kids and are proud of how hard they have worked. We loved seeing them try new things, laugh and smile and make new friends along the way.

We look forward to the next group and as always if you have any feedback or ideas of groups you’d like to see at EBJ, let us know!

EbJ Team.

Chief Ministers Cyclone Recovery AFL Carnival, Yirrkala, North-East Arnhem Land
September 29, 2016 | Liz Campbell

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of September, 2016, Everybodies Journey was fortunate enough to help out at the Chief Minister Cyclone Recovery AFL Carnival at Yirrkala. Teams from Milingimbi, Galiwinku, Ski Beach, Yirrkala and Gapuwiyak gathered on the beautiful, lush oval at Yirrkala for two hard days of footy.

The carnival was opened in traditional fashion with a welcome to country from Rirratjingu clan leaders.....and then it was game on! Saturday morning was slow at the Physio station, with ankle, shoulder and wrist strapping...and then injuries became to poor in. If you saw how these men played AFL, it would not surprise anyone! It comprises of powerful kicks, a high level of agility and solid contact over and over again. Saturday ended with Yirrkala the favorites on home soil.

Sunday morning - there was a calmness around the ground as most players and spectators slowly wandered to the oval. And as I turned around after setting up the treatment table...a line had formed. Two and a half hours later, I was able to lift my head and to see how the carnival was travelling. In that time period I had used 120 metres of strapping tape!! I think word had spread...

Games continued into the afternoon, with minimal injuries and the local favorites coming out on top.

A big thank you to Rirratjingu and Northern Territory AFL for extending the invitation to Everybodies Journey. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with some incredible athletes and see high quality AFL.

EbJ Team.

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