What causes Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is one of those hot button topics. It’s like that old joke we tell in the synagogue about asking 10 different rabbis their opinion on something - you are bound to get 11 different opinions. This is a good example of the issue with opinions - generally they are not based on the research. Low back pain on an acute basis (i.e. you lifted a pot plant in a bad way or possibly got hammered during a footy match) is typically just either a freak accident or a weakness issue. Chronic low back pain is a little bit of a different animal. Research tells us that ‘arthritic changes’, ‘disk degeneration’ and are very likely NOT really the culprits for chronic low back pain. Muscle coordination and muscle quality ARE really the two big ticket items for transitioning into ‘life after back pain’. How do I sort these two out? For muscle coordination, look no further than clinical pilates!! And for muscle quality, a well thought out physiotherapist directed exercise regimen combined with a good diet will ensure you decrease fat infiltration of your low back muscles and increase their capacity for supporting your spine.