What causes Knee pain?

The most common knee pain I see is typically the weekend warrior who has taken up running after a looooong break from exercise. It is awesome to get back into exercise! You are only too old for exercise if you are under ground! No not as miner. The issue is what we call in physio school the ‘First Date Mistake’ i.e. too much too soon. With exercise you want to start off with something you can easily handle and build gradually from there. Even Olympians would not consider progressing by 20% from week to week!!! Let alone 100%!!! This means just because you ran 5 km this week, next week should not be a 10km run, followed by a 15km then next week and so on. Aim for progressions of less than 20%!! Most often this knee pain occurs in the ‘pez ans’ or ‘goose foot’ - the little section of soft tissue on the inside of the knee, just below the joint line. It is especially painful to press on and can really disrupt a run. Very often some glute strengthening is in order as well.