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Physiotherapy can treat:

• Joint pain - back, neck, shoulder, wrist, finger, hip, knee, ankle and jaw pain.

• Nerve pain - more commonly experienced as burning, tingling, weakness, numbness, sharp and stabbing pain.

• Muscle pain - tightness through all muscles.

• Post surgery - Rehabilitation post an orthopaedic surgery such as hip replacements, knee reconstructions, tendon repairs etc.

• Muscle Retraining - often post a stroke or a brain injury, Physiotherapist's are the experts in retraining muscles to help them return as much as they can to their previous function.

• So much more...

DID YOU KNOW, that Physiotherapists:

• Are first contact health professionals - meaning you do not need a referral from a GP to see us?

• We can refer you for x-ray's, ultrasounds and MRI's?

• We are the experts at diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries and pain?

• We are just awesome people?

At EbJ Physio we individualise our treatment for each patient to ensure we provide best care and get the best results for you. The bottom line is simple, we care.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a sub-type of acupuncture which was started in 1979. We insert sterile, thin filament needles into myofascial trigger points (knots in your muscle). 

Myofascial trigger points cause pain, weakness and restricted range of motion. Pain from these trigger points are caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and blood flow. Dry needling is an excellent tool in our belt utilised to relieve these trigger points and consequently your pain and muscle tightness. 



Chinese cupping has a long history of helping people to relieve pain and immobility. It is a treatment whereby glass cups are applied to skin and muscle by utilising a vacuum like pressure. The can assist with increasing blood flow to an area and consequently decrease pain. People see this as a type of deep tissue massage with some wicked bruises afterwards - make sure you have a good story to tell the kids!


Personal Training

The benefit to having a fully commercial gym onsite is that we can offer excellent personal training to our clients! All of our physiotherapists are highly trained in exercise rehabilitation and individualising programs to suit you. In addition, our physiotherapists have studied additional qualifications such as certificate 3 and 4's in personal training. 

There are so many different types of exercise that achieve a huge variety of results, so let us help you to find what type you enjoy and what type gets the results for you!

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As Physiotherapists we have excellent manual therapy skills and this includes massage therapy or muscle manipulation which is pertinent to relieving pain.

When you book a massage at EbJ Physio we will perform deep tissue work as well as utilise other musculoskeletal manipulation techniques known only to Physiotherapists to ensure we relieve your pain and help you understand why it got sore in the first place! We are a holistic approach, not a bandaid fix! But we are also bloody good with our hands.