Liz Kippen - Physiotherapist & Director

Liz grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Brisbane and ruptured her first ACL (knee ligament) at 6 years old which meant a visit to the Physiotherapist. Since then, she has ruptured a second ACL, dislocated her elbow and shoulder and experienced stress fractures in her low back - so she definitely understands what her patients are going through! It was from her time spent at the Physio that her passion to help others recover from injuries mixed with her love for sport grew into the desire to become a Physiotherapist.

Liz has worked with various sporting teams in Brisbane and has been in the Territory for the past 6 years. She has a strong desire to support the community through sponsorship of various sporting groups including BMX, Dance and Touch-football. Her main areas of interest are the neck and the knee.

Charl Neuhoff - Physiotherapist

Born in the foothills of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Charl was told from an early age by his father that he was deposited in the front garden by a roaming family of baboons living in the mountains nearby after they tired of his presence. His father did Charl the kindness of shaving off his fur, chopping his tail off and turning him into the human he is today. Charl is until this day reticent to disclose how long it took him to cotton on to the veracity of his origin story but admits it made for some turbulent and confusing teenage years.

The family moved to Adelaide, South Australia where he developed his love for pie floaters, stobie poles, Farmers Union Iced Coffee and a healthy disdain for the land of Victoria, just to the south and east of Australia. He also learnt English which was helpful.

After working as an educator, both in Australia and abroad, and as a researcher at SCU in Lismore Charl realised that he might better serve humanity by pushing, poking and prodding peoples sore joints to help them feel better - and then humbugging them to exercise. His professional passions include intermittent hypoxia as a nouvelle treatment modality for metabolic conditions and combatting back pain as well as writing blogs in the 3rd person. His personal interests largely revolve around the outdoors, sport, trying to pass off his jokes as witty banter with his loved ones and has hiking the Israel National Trail on his bucket list.